About Carousel Club House

Part of Carousel Nursery Childcare

Carousel Club House is an extension of Carousel Nursery housed in the annexe next door.

It’s a beautiful purpose designed building. It takes into consideration the needs of the individual children that attend.

Carousel has been providing childcare since the year 2000. Registered with the Care Inspectorate, the nursery operates in partnership with Falkirk Council.

Our certificate of registration now includes 30 children from 5 years until 12 years old.

Children valued as Unique Individuals

In the Club House, all children are unique individuals. Carousel believes in providing the best care in a stimulating environment. Helping them to learn and develop their full potential.

The Reggio Emilia approach is followed. It creates beautiful environments based on a highly regarded, worldwide style of practice. At Carousel, we are passionate about children learning outside. Children are encouraged to utilise our fantastic outside environments wherever possible.

We believe the best classroom is under the sky and resourced from nature.

Creativity and Imagination Encouraged

Children are helped to think creatively and imaginatively. We do this by having dynamic and flexible systems that support personalised learning.

Strategic observation and evaluation ensure planning reflects the children’s interests. Helping to ensure the child’s individual care and learning requirements are met. Self-evaluation and informed discussion identify strengths and priorities for development. This process improves the provision for all children.

Both adults led and child initiated learning is used, allowing children to take calculated risks. Children are confident, competent, creative, independent learners with excellent self-esteem.

Diversity is respected and the importance of liaising with our community, parents and other professionals is understood.

We use a whole setting approach to care and learning that values a healthy lifestyle to build foundations for future success.

Joining Club House is Easy

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